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latest scam posing as the Canada Revenue Agency

Don't get caught by this latest email Scam - CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) never uses email to Contact you so if you get an email asking for you to s

Trailer of Alive Inside - Documentary about Alzheimers reconnecting
Trailer of Alive Inside - Documentary about Alzheimers reconnecting

Just watched an excellent documentary on Netflix - called Alive Inside - the main person in the movie has brought this idea to over 600 nursing hom

Sad news today as Max Keeping has passed away - i remember meeting him years ago when working at the Marble Works restaurant and then seeing him at

If you get tired walking around the grocery store, now you can order your groceries from Walmart online and drive up and they'll put them in your c

(NC) Many Canadians suffer from mental health issues. In fact, one in five have suffered symptoms of depression.

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By: Julie Ireton site has a brand new facelift

While we had some issues of late with speed on the site, we have since moved to new servers and on top of that got a new facelift, the home page is

Bridge Lessons at the RA Centre in OTTAWA!

Ice Skating at the RA CENTRE in Ottawa!