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Ottawa Public Health has a free online Module for Preventing Falls

Learn how to prevent falls – Free online module This module is for anyone concerned about older adults who would like to learn valuable information regarding falls and fall prevention, such as: Personal support workers; Volunteers; Friends and family; …

Bring your own house to your kids house – Granny Pods?

‘Granny Pods’ Now Allow Your Aging Parents to Live in Your Backyard When we are kids, we rely on our parents for everything from food and shelter to emotional support and care. But time doesn’t stop for anyone, and it comes a time when we have to retur …

Canadian 64 – to complete solo Atlantic row for Community Living in English Harbour, Antigua on Saturday

For Immediate Release March 1, 2018 MEDIA ADVISORY – Canadian, 64, to complete solo Atlantic row for Community Living in English Harbour, Antigua on Saturday English Harbour, ANTIGUA – Colin Sanders’ perilous, nearly-three-month journey across the Atla … Colin Sanders and Leven Brown in Puerto de Mogan

Celebrating Seniors Award – do you have someone to nominate? Do so by February 15th.

Celebrating Seniors Award Get your nominations in by February 15th to celebrate the special accomplishments and contributions of Ottawa Seniors Many older adults in Ottawa are making a difference through their volunteer work. You may know them through … Ottawa Seniors Awards Nominations

Another reason to walk regularly –

The faster you walk as a senior, the less chance you have of death! That’s a bit of an oversimplification, but this interesting study which analyzed data from 7 previous papers did provide some interesting food for thought. They looked at data on over … Perera S et al. Gait Speed Predicts Incident Disability. A Pooled Analysis. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med. 2016 Jan;71(1):63-71.

Museum of Science and Technology Re-Opened

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the newly re-opened museum – now’s your chance now that the Christmas Crowds have disappeared. The all-new Canada Science and Technology Museum is open with dazzling, immersive exhibits and some familiar favourites …
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