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Downspout Drains: How Do They Look?

What Are Downspout Drains? Downspout drains are an important part of your roof drainage system as they direct water rainwater away from your property. Without downspouts, water would flow down the siding and cause damage to the walls and the basement. It’s important to maintain this system and ensure all components, including gutters and downspouts work properly. This will help you avoid expensive repair costs. Downspout drains are attached to the siding vertically and are connected to the gutters. These gutters collect all of the water that falls on the roof and directs it towards the downspouts. The downspout carries the water to ground level and disposes it away from the foundation wall and towards the storm drains. If the downspout malfunctions, the collected water will seep into the ground near the foundation and cause basement leaks and floods. Common Downspout Problems Downspouts are built to withstand the elements and can function without problems for years. However, it’s important to inspect them regularly to ensure they direct water away from your property. Here’s a list of common downspout problems that require immediate attention: Clogs and Blockage – This is very common during the fall season, especially if you don’t clean the foliage from the gutters regularly. You can easily clear a weak clog with some water pressure or even a long stick. However, if you have a stubborn blockage, you need to call in the professional. Misalignment – This is more common during the winter months, especially if the downspout drains aren’t anchored securely to the siding. The weight of the snow can move the drain and disrupt the flow of water and this can cause leaks and water damage. This isn’t a simple DIY project because the alignment needs to be precise enough to ensure smooth flow of water. Cracks or Breaks – If your downspout is cracked or broken, you need to replace it before it can cause any serious damage to your property. Broken downspouts can damage your exterior walls and cause floods in the basement. Extensions – Downspouts need to be long enough to direct water away from your foundation walls. If these drains release water too close to the property, you’ll have to deal with basement leaks, muddy patches, and floods. Our expert plumbers at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services will be happy to answer any questions you have. Go to our partners website Cheap Plumber Toronto – new plumbing project that will help you to save money.

posted by DrPipeOttawa on November 17, 2016

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