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  • Phoenix Players
  • Soap Opera Links
    Find out about your favorite soap operas and stars and what you missed today.
  • National Arts Centre
    offers discount to those 65 or over on season subsciptions, 30% savings on Saturday Matinee performances in the Main Stage and Studio Stage series, and 33 savings on Friday evening performances in the Main Stage series.
  • The Gladstone
    Entertaining and accessible professional theatre at the heart of Ottawa's Little Italy neighbourhood.

    See to see what's on.
  • Isle in the River Riview Theatre Company
    ITR started off as a group of friends who got together and performed "Jesus Christ Super Star" at St. Brigid's Church in Manotick. They then moved on to organizing variety shows at St. Leonard's Elementary School in the gymnasium. They called themselves Isle In The River Review Theatre Co. representing their Manotick roots. As they grew and gathered momentum they began doing full act plays performing at the church hall in Enniskerry. They changed the location of their performances to the Osgoode Community Centre just south of Ottawa, in the mid nineties.