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  • Apartments for Rent: Condos, Lofts, Houses, Etc. |
    Find an apartment that fits all of your needs! RentersPages offers a wide range of listings: apartments, cottages, lofts and houses across Canada, in Ottawa specifically.
  • Ottawa Community Housing Corporation
    Ottawa Community Housing is the largest social housing provider in Ottawa, and the second largest in Ontario. OCH provides 14,783 homes for about 32,000 seniors, parents, children, singles and persons with special needs.

    The housing portfolio is scattered throughout the City and includes apartments in low rise and high rise buildings, townhouses, row houses, detached houses and rooming houses. The oldest building is over one hundred years old and the newest was built in 2005.
  • Ontario Tenants Info
    This is actually a Toronto site but most of the information applies across Ontario. Very informative.
  • Renters News
    This is the free magazine found at groceries stores listing rentals available in Ottawa. Their website is searchable for rentals as well.
  • Controlex
    We specialize in four different areas in the National Capital Region: Residential and Commercial Rentals, Property Management, Land Development and Self-Storage. We work hard with our staff, the City of Ottawa and our customers to deliver quality and service in everything we do. Whether it is sponsoring amateur sport, participating in local food drives or pledging our support for registered charities, we try to practice good governance in order to give back to the communities that have stood behind us for all of these years.