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  • Fifty-Five Plus Magazine
    Eastern Ontario's largest mature market magazine, promoting a positive active lifestyle. Articles include: leisure and lifestyle, health, nutrition, fitness, finance and travel.
  • Silvert's
    Silvert's, a Canadian company, carries the largest collection of specially adapted clothing in North America
  • 55NET Page d'accueil
    Quebec Seniors Site - French only
  • Resource Centre on Aging
    The Resource Centre on Aging is part of the Regional Geriatric Assessment Programme and is hosted by the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital. Located on the 1st floor between A1 and B1 just turn in at the door across from the fish tank and piano. The purpose of the Resource Centre is to develop and maintain a collection of information resources in the area of clinical geriatrics and gerontology in order to advance research and education in care of the elderly. The collection consists of approximately 600 titles, including books, government documents and publications by various societies and groups. The material covers statistics, research methods, assessment, and nursing care, all with a focus on the elderly. Of course there is a vast amount of material on diseases specifically related to aging and healthy aging. The Centre subscribes to 12 journals - all in the area of geriatrics. In addition to this the Centre has a collection of videos covering various aspects of aging and care of the aged. Some examples of these would be Alzheimer's disease, depression, elder abuse, medication problems and use of restraints. The Centre has access to the University of Ottawa's Polaris system of databases.
  • Seniors Support Center
    This is an information site designed to answer most common questions seniors and caregivers may have. Updated on a regular basis with new articles.