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  • Ottawa Valley Stair Lift
    Having problems walking stairs, Call Ottawa VAlley Stair Lift and look at the option of a stairlift and travel up and down the stairs effortlessly and safley. Ottawa 613.836.4393 Kingston 613.217.8991 toll free 1.877.797.5326
  • Leed Solutions Adaptive Clothing
    Leed Solutions provides adaptive clothing for seniors who suffer from mobility challenges due to natural aging, arthritis, parkinson's, alzheimer's, and other conditions. Our easy to wear clothing is designed to ease the stress of every day dressing tasks for seniors who are wheelchair dependant, disabled, or handicapped and their caregivers.
  • LifeCall Personal Emergency Response Systems
    Since 1989, LifeCall has helped seniors live independently. LifeCall uses ULC-approved equipment manufactured by GE Security and owns our Emergency Response Centre which gives us control over quality and training. Visit our website to locate a Dealer
  • AMI- Accessible Media Inc.
    VoicePrint Canada provides access to print media in audio format for blind, low-vision, print and mobility restricted members of our community. We broadcast readings of full length newspaper and magazine articles as well as other programming.
  • Lifeline Systems Canada Inc.
    Lifeline Systems and VHA Health and Home Support (non-profit) are partners in providing personal response and support services for senior living at home. Two-way voice communication with a neighbour, family member or emergency services is available at the touch of a button.