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  • Ballroom Dancing for Seniors
    Be happy, active and social. Join other seniors on the dance floor and dance to the foxtrot, cha-cha, salsa and tango. Join us and use ballroom dancing to have fun, stay fit, happy and connected. Ballroom dancing is a great way to spend time for Senior Citizens! Dancing challenges every part of your system, from your hearing, vision, mental alertness to coordination and your cardiovascular system. Come and dance with us!
    We are located on 1547 Chatelain Ave.
  • Struggling with practising or playing? Clarinet/Flute/Saxophone Players
    You've got questions but no solution. You're having issues in some area of your practicing or performance and can't seem to get over that hump...we've got your answers.

    Whether you are finding yourself practicing for hours and not seeing any real changes or the improvement is not what you were hoping to accomplish or perhaps, it's a fingering issue. "How do I transit from this position to that one with greater speed and ease, plus stay in tune keeping time?"

    **Have you ever said or asked yourself any of these types of comments or questions?**

    -"My sightreading is holding me back..."
    -"I've been practicing constantly and still I'm sqeaking!"
    -"How can or is it possible to improvise over this style of music or passage?"
    -"I'm finding it difficult to tune easily and remain in tune once I have it"
    -"I'm finding it hard keeping in time when playing with others."

    Believe it or not, we can help solve all of the above playing and performance technique issues and so much more. We'll help get you to the level you've been wanting to achieve.

    Call us today and book your FREE preview lesson and begin to see your possibilities and resolve those nagging issues...once and for all.
  • Ottawa ESL Schools
    English as a Second Language classes for adults. All levels from Beginner to Advanced. TOEFL. LINC. Skills based courses. Computer classes. Daycare. Our oldest learner is in his 90s and the youngest is 18. Three convenient locations
  • Driving Refresher Course / 55 Alive Course
    With aging, changes occur in Hearing, Vision, Flexibility and Reaction Time.

    The Ottawa Safety Council offers an in-class driver improvement program or 55 Alive Course which will help you:
    * Maintain your driving independence
    * Improve your driving skills for today's traffic
    * Increase your confidence behind the wheel
    * Help you understand new traffic laws and technology

    Register as an individual or book us as a special training session for your group!

    The 55 Alive Course and Defensive Driving Course is taught by Instructors that have successfully completed the Instructor Development Course and have been certified by the Canada Safety Council.

    To register for yourself or your group, please call our office at (613)238-1513 ext.222 or email us at
  • The Tour Guide Training Corporation of Canada
    The Tour Guide Training Corporation of Canada trains individuals who wish to work as Tour Guides. It is an interactive course consisting of 36 hours of class study an 3 days conducting a coach tour. Both experienced and new Tour Managers will benefit from our creative approach to leading tours.