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  • Teleshalom (Jewish Family Services)
    Telephone reassurance program,
  • S.I.T. Seniors In Transition
    Seniors needing to down size and with the assitance of family members or if the family members are not available, we make the transition seamless and timely and with ease from beginning to end by getting your new residence ready for you as well.
  • Cumberland Township Home Support
    1202 Colonial Rd., Box 374, Navan, On. K4B 1J5
  • Senior Transition & Estate Management
    Empathy; not everyone has it!
    These are all necessary attributes for a Company and their Staff who are in Business to serve Seniors and their Families. From transitioning to a smaller more convenient and/or accessible home or residence and with every aspect of the move from sorting,packing moving,unpacking;organizing and setup.
    You can whistle while we work!
    Not Ready To Move!!!!
    We offer in home help with Companions,Aids,Homemakers
    "Age in Place" service ensuring you are safe from falls or injury due to a home that is cluttered,or is lacking grab bars,or railings or devices you need to ensure a "Safe Home"
    Are you Someone, who is responsible to Sort,Save,Sell or otherwise deal with years of memories to be found in the Personal Property and Real Property of your Late Parents,Siblings,Friends or Family?
    We can look after this also to be certain nothing is wasted or discarded or devalued .
    Accredited Appraisal Service so the Valuables will be recognized and priced correctly,so cherished collections are not wasted.
    Comfort in knowing "It's Looked After"
    Please call for free consultation
  • South East Ottawa Centre for a Healthy Community