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  • GEM Health Care Services Inc.
    GEM Health Care Services provides dedicated and compassionate caregivers of a variety of specialized skills and training to serve the individual needs to the community
  • Letter Carriers Alert Program

    LETTER CARRIERSοΏ½ ALERT PROGRAM is a free community based program
    intended to provide an added sense of security for older or disabled persons living in
    their own home. It is designed to alert those who can help you if you are in an
    emergency situation while alone at home.

    HOW IT WORKS; Your Letter Carrier, during his/her daily rounds will keep a watchful
    eye on your residence for signs that you may be in need of assistance (such as mail
    not picked up). Once alerted your Letter Carrier will investigate the situation and if
    necessary will telephone the Senior Citizens Council of Ottawa where the name of
    your contacts are registered. They in turn will check out your situation and will arrange
    assistance if needed.

    YOU ARE ELIGIBLE: If you are a senior citizen or a disabled person living in a private
    residence within the City of Ottawa and have mail delivered to your home or

  • Homewatch CareGivers
    We value and honor our seniors by providing senior care services that preserve dignity and protect independence. We understand seniors and have compassionately supported their needs at home for 30 years, through their medical treatment, aging processes, and end of life.
  • Non-medical senior living services
    Here at Golden Senior Life we are a non-medial stay at home service that enables seniors to live there lives in the comfort of there own home stress free.
    Below is a list of some of the services that we offer:

    - Transportation service to visit friends & family

    - Transportation service for checkups/appointments

    - Companion/home support

    - Errand courier services

    - Mail delivery and pickup

    - Grocery shopping

    - Personal shopping

    - Meal preparation

    - Cleaning/laundry

    - Pet care services

    - Organization of closets, cabinets, attic, garage, etc...

    *We do not limit ourselves to these services!

    Please visit our website for more information!
  • Seniors First Services
    your love ones stay in the comfort and familiar surrounding of their own homes with the high quality services that they would gain from us in the following areas.
    • Errands
    • Meals preparation
    • Shopping
    • Good company and conversation.
    • Escort for walks & family gatherings
    • Transportation to activities and appointments
    • Mental stimulation
    • Light housekeeping
    • Sharing interests and talents
    • Listening
    • Attention to general well-being
    Give us a call today at 613-721-5189 or email for more information.