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  • Guaranteed Annual Income System (GAINS) Ontario Tax Credits Information
    TTY - 1-800-263-7776
  • Family Benefits Services
  • David Kirkland - Investors Group Financial Adviser
    Dedicated to assisting families and small business in creating solid financial foundations, David enjoys meeting with Canadians to build a comprehensive plan that incorporates the ability to achieve their dreams. He works with each business owner and family to determine their unique goals and lifestyle. Then, by integrating the six disciplines of financial planning cash flow management; tax planning, risk management, investment, retirement, and estate planning, David develops solutions to achieve these goals, within the framework of a prudently designed financial plan.
    Contact David today for a complimentary financial review.
  • Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners
    A site concerning British Expatriates and their pensions.
  • Late Taxes... AGAIN??!!!
    Our offices have been assisting corporations, the self-employed, and individuals with unique tax problems for many years. We understand that everyone wants to follow the law and pay the least amount of taxes possible.
    But events happen in life and returns are not filed on time. This is a fact.
    However, this can be corrected immediately! Take the worry and fear off your mind today.
    Let us help you without attitude, judgement or guilt. Call today for a free consultation!

    Leonard Tam Professional Corporation
    Phone: 613-562-2888
    Ottawa Office: 9th Floor - 275 Slater Street, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9