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  • Finding Retirement
    We find retirement residences, homecare and senior support services that suit your needs and preferences in Ottawa. And we coordinate lifestyle transitions.
  • Seniors Transition Solutions
    Looking for a suitable retirement home for you aging parent(s)? Not sure where to start? Seniors Transition Solutions can help you every step of the way. We will meet with you and talk about your needs and wants, assess what retirement home would be a suitable fit. Once established, Seniors Transition Solutions will set up appointments and accompany you to each home to provide insight and support. Contact Rosemary Pearson at
    613-293-1359 and visit
  • Phoebe Services-Private Home Retirement
    Phoebe Services provides visitable (barrier-free), secure, affordable private homes for elders who want to live in existing, inner-city communities close to shopping, transit, medical services, theaters, libraries, restaurants, friends and family, and not in impersonal “resort-style” highrise retirement residences, nursing homes, rest homes, seniors apartments, seniors housing or old age homes. It is for people who enjoy the company not only of their own age demographic, but also want to see and mix in with younger generations and children in what we call multi-generational living.
  • Nursing Home | Home
    nursing homes, long-term care homes, seniors,