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Embassy West Senior Living – Ottawa’s Best Retirement Home!


1400 Carling Avenue
(613) 729-4321

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Number of Units: 100

Embassy West Senior Living is the only Ottawa Retirement Home that
specializes in Assisted Living, Dementia Care. We offer all services in the
convenience of our home including healthcare, social and medical
services. We have our own physiotherapy center , laboratory,
healthcare specialists , geriatric doctor and dementia consultant.
All medication adjustments are done immediately because our house
physician, laboratory and private in-house pharmacy work together 7
days per week. No unnecessary trips to the hospital while you are a
resident of Embassy West.
TRUE AGING in PLACE exclusively in Ottawa at Embassy West, if a
residents care needs increase , our staff is trained to provide complex
care and they have the time to devote to each resident.
Our Experienced Team in our ottawa retirement residence is trained and expert in handling complex care
needs including advanced dementia, 2 person or mechanical lift
transfers ,oxygen administration ,rehabilitation involving
speech , physical and occupational therapies and palliative
care. Our residents are never asked to move out or relocate because
of increase in care needs.
We are a family business with a hands on operation by the owners and
an experienced management team. All the needs and concerns of the
residents are addressed immediately as all our employees have a
Strong commitment to providing QUALITY of LIFE with Care to all the
We are one Big Family, devoted to Quality of Life and Care,Welcome Home