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Cleaning (Housekeeping)

Services for which we have an address will show up on the map below and also services in the category of Cleaning (Housekeeping) will be listed below the map if you scroll down even if we don't have a physical address for them.


If you are away from home for a holiday, to visit family, or spending the season away as a snowbird, we can help you

Ottawa's # 1 Home Cleaning
Certified Green/All Natural Methods

Downsizing to Move: Provides downsizing, moving and resettlement assistance to adult children and seniors.

Helping seniors live independently.

Old School Housekeeper! Let me do your dirty work!

Experienced Housekeeper – I’ll do your dirty work!

Cleaning is our passion. We specialize in complete and thorough cleaning services.

Do you have a basement, a garage or a spare room filled with items that you want to clear out?

give us a try, we'll clean your home. no disappointment and one less thing to worry about!

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Service.