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Free Sunday and Wednesday Bus, LRT and O-Train Rides for Seniors in Ottawa starting July 2019

In case you haven’t heard yet, Seniors can now ride OCTranspo services whether it’s bus, LRT or O’train for Free on Sundays and Wednesdays. Wednesday’s  has been free for a while for 65 and over, but staring this month (July 2019) Sunday’s are also fre …

How to collect as much OAS (Old Age Security) as you can? And when should you start?

Trying to figure out how much OAS you can receive and whether to take it out starting at 60 or deciding to defer it for a higher payment at 70 can be daunting at best. You may not be aware but you qualify for a full OAS if you have lived in Canada for … how much OAS am i entitled to?

Reflexology Anatomy – Defined

Reflexology Anatomy is a new modality that embraces ancient practices and adopts new scientific discoveries of the last 30 years. Reflexology Anatomy is the new “kid” on the block demonstrating characteristics that attract attention through the practic … Reflexology Anatomy Defined

Focus On Seniors: Watchfulness. Acceptance. Respect .

Written by: Douglas A Coburn AIIC (CIP) RAC cert., BSc.Pod The METOO social media movement is an excellent example of how positive change is made possible from a grass roots level. A few individuals started a conversation that resulted in a new and hum …

Hearing Loss; Signs and Treatment for Seniors

Beyond hypertension and arthritis, hearing loss is the most common chronic condition affecting seniors. Whether they like to admit it or not, hearing loss affects almost one in four seniors between the ages of 65 and 74. According to the National Insti …
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