Dora’s Mobile Foot Care

Dora’s Mobile Foot Care, providing nursing foot care in the comfort of your own home.

Ottawa Region, Carlsbad Springs, Russell On, Embrun , Metcalfe, Manotick, Orleans & Limoges.

(613) 263-2351

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I am a Registered Practical Nurse and Certified Foot Care Nurse with 2 years experience in Retirement Homes and Nursing Homes and Community Nursing. 5 years Chiropody Assistant. DVA Service Provider.

I provide Invoice/Receipt for Insurance purposes and FREE foot care for qualified VETERANS Clients.


Services Offered:


>Basic and Advanced Foot Care

>Trimming and Filing Toenail

>Ingrown Toenail

>Fungal Toenails

> Callouses and Corns Debridement

>Diabetic Foot

Feel free to Contact me at 613-263-2351




Contact – Rhodora Ballogan 6132632351 

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