Looking for Help for Senior

Looking for Help for Senior

Senior is presently residing at a Transitional Care Facility off of Main St.

Looking for someone to come in and take senior outside for some fresh air and sunshine, for approx. 15-30 min. per day.

Senior is on oxygen and in a wheelchair, however, she would also benefit from some limited exercise with her walker.

Might be other ways to help.  To be discussed.

Please let me know what services you offer and for how much, as well as if you have any questions.

Have been searching for assistance for many months.  Having difficulty finding help for just 1-2 hours at the most per day.  Most companies/agencies offer a minimum of 3 hrs per day, which is more than what is required.  (Please don’t contact me if your min. is also 3 hrs/day).

If you think you can help and have some time available, please let me know.

Thank you kindly.





Contact – Carmelle Collins 6132824971 collinscjt@gmail.com 

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