Occasional Catsitter wanted 😻near Byward Market

Hello! I’m a female in her 60’s with two friendly playful cats who is looking for a nice person to catsit for one or two weekends per month.

You could either come to my apartment in LOWERTOWN once or twice a day to check on the girls (they are both female and siblings) or care for them in your own home. I’m flexible although I’m not sure how the latter would sit with the cats since they’re not even 5 months old and they haven’t left the building since I adopted them in March.


Their names are Pepsi and Cola (I know I know!). Pepsi is already trained indoors to the leash and harness! Cola is still working on accepting the harness but she’s doing okay ^;^

I offer $40 for 2 nights. We can chat about terms if you’re interested.





Contact – Geri Stevens 6476717684 gerberryful@gmail.com 

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