Online Writing Course

Online Writing Course

Hi there! My name is Amy. I’ve been a writer and a writing tutor/teacher for many years, and I recently developed my first online course with my dad in mind. My dad was never a writer, and wasn’t a big reader either, but when he was around 70, he decided to start writing his memories. My family was thrilled!

Before long, though, he stopped, and he even deleted everything he’d already written. When I asked him why, he said, “Oh, who wants to read all that old stuff anyway?” Well, I did. My family did. We’d have kept it and treasured it and gotten to know and understand new parts of him and his family and his life. He never went back to it, and now he’s gone.

I think there may be more people out there like him, who don’t consider themselves to be writers and who don’t have much experience or confidence, but who feel inspired to start for some reason.

Maybe you’re one of those people?

Write Your Why: 7 Days of Self-Discovery Through Writing consists of seven lessons covering seven types of writing (diary, memoir, review, letter to an editor, poetry, redaction, and script), and the idea is to help you start writing and show yourself and others why you are the amazing and unique person you are.

Each lesson in this private, self-directed course has a video presentation narrated by me and a downloadable worksheet with a recap of each lesson, an assignment, writing prompts, and a carefully curated list of additional resources. You will also receive detailed feedback from me on any one piece of writing you complete during the course.

Watch an introductory video and find the link to register on my website:

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Contact – Amy Becker 403-505-3264

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