Participants Needed – A Clinical Trial for Seasonal Influenza

Red Maple Trials is looking for participants for the Glow Trial, a clinical trial for an investigational messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine aimed at preventing seasonal influenza infection. You have the power to potentially change the future of seasonal influenza with 1 injection.

Who Can Join? This clinical trial is looking for adult participants.

To join, you must be:

• Age 50 or older

• Able to follow participation instructions

• Not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant for at least 3 months following your vaccine visit (as appropriate)

Other criteria may apply in order to be eligible.

What to Expect

Your participation in the Glow Trial should last about 13 months.

• It will include up to 3 trial visits and up to 6 phone calls to check in about any side effects

• Participants will be given 1 injection in the upper arm. Each participant has a 50% chance of getting the investigational vaccine and a 50% chance of getting a currently approved seasonal influenza vaccine—like flipping a coin

• Participants must provide information about their health status and whether they experience any influenza symptoms by entering information into a symptom-reporting electronic diary, or eDiary. Participants will provide information on their health status every day for the first 7 days after receiving the injection. Then for about the first 6 months, participants will report symptoms in the symptom-reporting eDiary twice a week. For the next 6 months, participants will report symptoms once a week

• Enrolling in this clinical trial is completely your choice. You may stop participating in the clinical trial at any time, and you do not have to give a reason for doing so

• Compensation for your trial-related time may be provided

To learn more about joining the clinical trial, please visit: 


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