Hello, most people don’t think they can afford a SMARTHOUSE or SMARTROOM. But the truth of the matter is YOU CAN.

The safety of our loved ones is put in YOUR hands. Help me help you help your residents and giving their loved ones peace of mind.
There are many options – call which cost less than $500. Then benefits are obvious, but at the top of the list is the safety and security of our senior loved ones.
The cost, which is a consideration for everyone is minimal considering the peace of mind it gives loved ones, family members, and the staff and management of your care facility and yes, even the insurance companies.
Imagine knowing that your resident’s risk at falling or missing their medication is reduced to practically nothing. Imagine instead of reaching over, or bending down putting your resident at risk of falling, breaking a hip or any other part of the body, or passing out because of a head-rush, instead of your resident just says, “Turn on light.” or “Turn off light.” or a voice saying “It’s time to take your blood pressure pill.” Imagine the comfort loved ones would have, and the reduction of phone calls your medical staff would have from family members calling “just to check on whether mother took her medicine.” Time is money – every 5 minutes adds up to an entire shift.
Obviously, there are details to discuss and every room can have its individual set-up.
My personal experience is I worked at a retirement home as a receptionist and was inundated with questions and concerns from both family and friends and residents themselves. Many times residents would forget to come down to the dining room. Or would trip and fall in the dark. Or forget to take their medicine or anything else they need to be reminded of. This is such an easy fix and it doesn’t need to break the bank.
My inspiration for this is my 86 year old mother who still lives at home, but needs to take medicine routinely and also I see her reaching and stretching for lights and other things and I don’t want her to fall. Soon she will be entering a retirement home and I can guarantee you she will have a SMARTROOM!
Ok, so the next step is to just let me come in and give your a presentation. Costs you nothing, but is priceless to your residents and their family and friends.
So did that hurt? Of course not, but if you are 86 and fall by reaching, or forget to eat or take your medicine… now that hurrts!
Thanks for doing a great job looking after our loved ones, especially during the pandemic, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Smartly yours,
Chris Graham


Contact – Christopher Graham 3439883588 

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