The BedMaker: Holds the Mattress up while you change the sheets!

Changing bedsheets is hard! Especially if you have a heavy mattress or suffer from arthritis or back pain. The BedMaker takes all that struggle away. It holds the mattress up for you while you change the sheets. No more shoving your knee under the mattress, no more calling for help, and no more battles with a mattress! Put these on your bed and you’ll never want to change the sheets without them again!

Watch my 2-minute demo video at

$35 for a set of 4 BedMakers, or $19.99 for 2.

***Not available in stores.***

Order on my website at, or over the phone at 613-400-1511. I can ship it to you, or come and pick it up from me in Aylmer. I’m just 7 minutes West of the Champlain bridge.

Created in Aylmer, by me, Lisa  For my grandmother. “Every granny needs a BedMaker!”


Contact – Lisa Wall 613-400-1511

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