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This event finished on 18 November 2021

I can remember the exact ‘aha’ moment when the idea for Fit Minds was born. I was waiting in
the Ottawa airport in June 2010 for my parents to arrive. The plane was delayed, as planes
often are, so I picked up Dr. Paul Nussbaum’s book – Save Your Brain – and began to read it. I
was truly inspired by his message of hope and empowerment.
I had a clear vision at that moment that a curriculum could be created that would provide
cognitive stimulation therapy for individuals to help them maintain maximum brain capacity as
they aged. I was fortunate to work with a great team of individuals and over the next year we
researched, developed and tested the first Fit Minds program.
Over the years it has become so clear to me that human interaction plays a vital role in
maintaining brain health. That is why our programs are delivered by human beings – not
computers – and why Chartwell’s approach to senior living is such a good match for our
We are delighted to partner with Chartwell to provide the Fit Minds Active Living Series to
members of your community. This program provides exercises and activities across the full
spectrum of cognition, asking individuals to not only exercise their language skills but their
visual/spatial, memory, critical thinking and computation abilities as well. Science has shown
that a global cognitive workout is best for brain health and this program delivers in all those
There will also be an education aspect to the program and participants will learn how to
implement a brain health lifestyle into their every day. Participants will be challenged to set
nutrition, physical activity and socialization goals as part of the program.
In the words of C.S. Lewis, “You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.”
And the purpose of this course is to encourage and empower participants to do just that by
maintaining maximum brain health.