Music and Beyond offers new lecture series on classical music

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This event finished on 10 April 2024

Music and Beyond is delighted to announce a new six-part lecture series and course to help build the enjoyment and appreciation of classical music.


Music and Beyond’s Artistic Director Julian Armour will host a six-part lecture series that explores different aspects of classical music, and what makes it so remarkable. This series will offer something for everyone from diehard classical music lovers to those who are newly discovering the joys of great music.


Each class will be filled with interesting facts, fun anecdotes, and many musical examples. Participants will have regular opportunities to join the discussion and ask questions. There will be exciting guests throughout the series.


This course deals with many elements that contribute to the enjoyment of classical music:

  • What is classical music?
  • How is classical music different from popular music?
  • I don’t understand modern music at all – what are the composers trying to do?
  • What do all these terms mean? (Symphony, sonata, fugue, rondo, allegro etc.…)
  • How can I get my kids to enjoy classical music?
  • What is opera all about?
  • How do I know when to clap at a classical music concert?


In this course we de-mystify everything about classical music!


Each lecture will be given in English, but participation in French is welcome.


A Voyage through Classical Music starts on Wednesday, March 6. Classes will be offered each week on Zoom from 2:00 to 4:00 pm ET.


Wednesday, March 6 – Classical Music: Why is it different, and what makes it so special?

Wednesday, March 13 – The Many Periods of Music

Wednesday, March 20 – The Forms of Music

Wednesday, March 27 – Folks Songs and Nationalism

Wednesday, April 3 – Four Centuries of the Concerto

Wednesday, April 10 – 20th Century Music – and Beyond!

Tickets for the whole series are $150 per person. Passholders for the 2024 Music and Beyond Festival can participate for $120. Tickets are available at