Events: 19th November 2019

November is Financial Literacy Month. We’re planning four weekends of FREE games and crafts aimed at showing your kids the importance of budgeting, saving and smart spending. Taking charge of finances was never so much fun. November 2 and 3 – Avatar market Build an avatar puppet. from a selection of decorations—but choose your decorations …

The Bank of Canada Museum presents a FREE panel discussion on the impact of climate change on the Canadian economy, ecology and infrastructure. Join a Bank specialist as well as guests from the Canada Science and Technology Museum and the Canadian Museum of Nature.  ENGLISH ONLY.  Please register online.

Like walking, come walk with us at Lincoln Fields Mall. It’s fun, meet new friends, great way to get motivated and convenient and accessible. Ready to start your way to health? Pick up an information package from the Lottery Booth or call 828-3783 and ask for Leah or Teresa.

Basic and Mainsteam Modern Square Dancing on Tuesday evenings. Plus level Modern Square Dancing on Thursday evenings. For singles and couples. Join us for some fun, fitness and friendship. Contact Marilyn or check the website for more information. Event Contact Name: Marilyn Collins, Club President Event Phone Number: (613) 820-9084