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Fall Prevention is key as we approach the winter months again. – Boot grips can certainly help.

get traction grips for your boots this winter and stay safe - Ottawa Seniors

Fall Prevention Month – For those of you who are worried about the upcoming slippery season in Ottawa whether it’s for you as a seniors or for your parents the chance of falling on ice and snow is a big one and one that is not worth taking.

Best to stay in when the weather is too bad but if you’re going out when it’s slippery it’s a great idea to have some assistance to prevent slipping  – one thing that can be very useful and keep your hands free for grabbing are boot grips.  There are many kinds, – i noticed these true north ones on sale at Costco this week for $13.69.

If you can’t get out there on your own and want some delivered the same items can be had from Amazon and they can deliver them directly to your door or to your parents or grandparents door if you’re not in town.  Makes a great Christmas Gift for a loved one.  Click the image below to order some directly from Amazon as well as view other types.


November is Fall Prevention Month and Ottawa Public Health is sharing resources to raise awareness of this important issue. Falls don’t have to be a normal part of getting older. Many falls are preventable and they don’t “just happen”. Research has found that strength and balance exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent falls. Strong legs help keep you on your feet and prevent slips, trips and falls. A sample of 11 exercises to improve strength and balance is available.

You’ll also find more information and practical ideas online at


posted by admin on November 3, 2018

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