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How to collect as much OAS (Old Age Security) as you can? And when should you start?

how much OAS am i entitled to?

Trying to figure out how much OAS you can receive and whether to take it out starting at 60 or deciding to defer it for a higher payment at 70 can be daunting at best.

You may not be aware but you qualify for a full OAS if you have lived in Canada for at least 40 years after the age of 18.  You can receive partial if you’ve lived in Canada at least 10 years after the age of 18.

You’re also entitled to full OAS if your net income on line 236 of your tax return is less than $77,580.  For every dollar over that you loose 15 cents and this zeros out when your reach $125,000.

Check out this great article at to get more details on how to figure out your situation!

posted by Eric Manherz on May 24, 2019

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