An organization called Convivium Housing is an organization that is looking at  co-op housing alternatives that may offer a new alternative for growing old in the city of Ottawa.  This has been done successfully in other countries but not too much her yet.

From their website –

Current Vision
Our concept is a purpose-built community that will facilitate “aging in community” for approximately 35 people. This cohousing community will be self-managed by residents who will know each other before they move in. They will participate in governance, volunteer work, and community living. Some support services will be available and residents will commit to neighbourly mutual support. Residents will share tools, bikes, boats, books, and other resources. Communal meals will be held about once a week.

The following principles will guide the planning:

  • Individual private dwellings with advantages of shared resources and community living
  • Aging in community – giving and receiving co-care and participating in group activities
  • Ecological sustainability in design and operations
  • Self-management by residents
  • Accessibility for persons with disabilities

If this is of interest to you they are having a meeting in January and observers are welcome – you might want to contact them directly first though.

The next meeting of Convivium Co-op members will be on 22 January 2019, 464 Metcalfe St., Ottawa, [CCOC space] at 6:30 p.m.   Observers are always welcome.

You can see more info on their website at 

Want to see an example of one completed – check out this one in BC called Harbourside at