All, You may or may not be aware that the NCC is conducting a public consultation for the location of the new Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital. They are proposing 12 potential federal sites for the new Civic Campus. Why should you care?  The Ottawa Hospital is a vital institution in Canada’s Capital Region which provides health care services to Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Nunavut. As we all age, the services provided by this new hospital will be a key factor in the quality of health service you will receive in the near future.   I don’t believe it should only be the farmers, scientist, and government agencies who should have a say in the location of this new facilities. You, your family and friends are the clients of this hospital therefore you should also express your opinions. Participate in the public consultation by going to the link below and click on “TAKE THE SURVEY” button to make your view points known.  It only take 2 min to complete the survey. Please share the Survey Link on social media and ask as many people as you can to take this survey so that it can be well represented by the communities who will be using the hospital much needed services. Take the online survey between September 22 and October 6, 2016