It’s hard to believe that I’m about to turn 65.  The Fed’s sent me a notice last year congratulating me on my upcoming OAC benefits – but I didn’t want to pay attention to that because I’m not THAT old 🙂

Now the Ontario Government has sent me a reminder of all of the extra medical benefits that I/everyone is entitled to at age 65 and older.

Little things and big things – they’re all worth taking advantage of.  Not just to save money – though who doesn’t like that, especially in retirement!  But also to safeguard your health, and make things easier on your caregivers.

Here is what I received in early April 2020 (you can also click here to see the PDF of all of them):

Ontario Medical Benefits for Seniors

These benefits include much more than the pages that were printed and mailed to me. On the Ontario Government website is Seniors: Stay Healthy and Active, which provides information on such topics as Health care programs and services, Vaccinations, Staying active, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and fall and injury prevention.

You might also be interested in taking a look at the information and products and services at Phillips Lifeline. Although they are a for-profit company providing medical alert services, they also provide a good Fall Prevention Checklist that you may want to check out.