Neighbours helping neighbours during the pandemic

Since May 2020, the Centretown Support Network has been helping local residents to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Formed under the auspices of the Centretown Community Association, the Network links neighbours in need with local volunteers who can run errands or provide a bit of company on the phone.

The Network’s volunteers have picked up and delivered groceries, pet food and prescription medicine. In addition, they have helped neighbours find resources, such as free Wi-Fi, food banks, mental health services and more. CSN has also partnered with the Centretown Community Health Centre to sew masks and deliver frozen meals.

Following a quiet spell over the summer, the second wave of COVID has arrived and the Network is ramping up activities by linking with seniors organizations and others who might require help.  

For more information about the Centretown Support Network, contact 613-518-3908 or e-mail