The Ottawa-Gatineau Arts community is celebrating the birth of a new not-for-profit organization, Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) Ottawa. The mission of PAL Ottawa is to provide or help connect members of the professional performing and allied arts community, mainly seniors and disabled members, with essentials such as affordable housing, personal care services, and links to the local arts community, so they can live, not in fear and hunger, but in dignity within a caring community. A very important step was taken for PAL Ottawa on September 24th with the election of its first 13-member Board of Directors: Jim Bradford (Chair), Lynn McGuigan (Vice-Chair), Mitzi Hauser (Secretary) and Victoria Steele (Treasurer) with members Alison Atkins, Guy Buller, Robert Cram, Emmanuelle Coutu, Jerry Grey, Jim McNabb, Florence Moore and Michael Namer.   “We can really start to put our shoulder to the wheel!” said Jim Bradford, recently appointed Chair. “Now that PAL Ottawa is officially incorporated and that we have a Board of Directors, we can start recruiting people in our team and selling membership right away!”.   PAL Ottawa is in fact the newest chapter of PAL Canada. Founded in September 1986, this national charitable organization now links eight different chapters across the country, including Halifax, Toronto, Stratford, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and now Ottawa.   Upcoming this season, PAL Ottawa will proudly hold its launch on November 13, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Ottawa Art Gallery. The Arts Community and all those interested in knowing more about PAL Ottawa’s mission and becoming members should mark this important date in their calendar and not miss this unique event filled with great performances from many artistic disciplines.     For more information, please contact:Emmanuelle Coutu, Communications Officer for PAL Ottawa By email: Visit the website: