Peter D. Clark Long Term Care Centre


The Peter D. Clark Long-Term Care Home is located in the Centrepointe neighbourhood of Ottawa. The largest of the City’s Long-Term Care Homes, the 211-bed facility opened its doors on May 30, 2001. It is situated close to the Baseline Transit Station and is accessible directly by public transit. It is made up of two separate residences, the Houses and the Bungalows, connected by an underground service link.
The Houses are an innovative design that provides a home-like, supportive environment for residents with Alzheimer disease and the frail and elderly with diverse health, social and physical needs, requiring 24-hour supervised care.
The Houses are modern, residential-style, two-storey ‘clusters’ of eight self-contained living areas with single rooms and most with private bathrooms. Each house has a secure garden area and a large balcony on the second level. The ‘clusters’ are linked to a central ‘village-square’ with a reception area, an atrium, café and hair salon. There is also a worship centre, a family kitchen, dental suite, offices and a large living room with fireplace.
The Bungalows are four Victorian-style buildings, each containing twelve private bedrooms with an attached bathroom, a kitchen, living room, dining room, den and spa. The four bungalows connect at a large common area with a family kitchen, beauty salon and a living room with fireplace. Each bungalow is surrounded by landscaped gardens with walking paths and a garden shed.
The Bungalows were developed through extensive community consultation, and research led by the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa, to create a small residential-style dementia care facility.
All long term care facilities (nursing homes) have rates that are government determined with Long Stay Basic = $1848.73, semi-private to $2280.04 to Private $2701.61 The basic accommodation is income based and therefore eligible for reduction from that amount, upon application.


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9 Meridian Place, Ottawa, Ontario K2G 6P8

Phone: (613) 274-2671

Fax: (613) 560-1324


Number of Units: 211
Number of Residents: 211

Primary Language: English

Lowest Rate: 1480.99Highest Rate - 2028.49 

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