Rothwell Heights Retirement Residence


Rothwell Heights Terrace is a retirement residence that proudly boasts its home-style appeal and affordability. Located in Ottawa East, Rothwell provides a safe and enjoyable atmosphere embraced by its enthusiastic staff and valued residents. The greenspace that hugs Rothwell invites the residents to spend time outdoors enjoying each other’s company as well as the fresh air! We are truly a residence worthy of consideration!


Types of Care offered at Rothwell Heights Retirement Residence


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1735 Montreal Road, Gloucester, Ontario K1J 6N4

Phone: (613) 744-2322

Fax: (613) 745-2320


Number of Units: 130
Number of Residents: 0

Primary Language: English

Lowest Rate: 1450.00Highest Rate: 3700 

Medical Assessment and General Information; Lease, 30 days written notice. ...