Trivida City View Retirement Community

Trivida City View Retirement Community


Locally owned and operated, Trivida City View Retirement Community was founded on two core principles. First, the ultimate objective is to provide residents with an unparalleled quality of care that has been custom tailored to their individual needs. Second, City View has made concerted efforts to ensure these services are available at an affordable rate.

The City View philosophy is geared specifically towards accessibility, service and a resident oriented, local management approach. After accumulating years of valuable experience within the industry. City View’s leadership understands what residents expect when they make the important transition to retirement living in Nepean. City View’s leader have come together with a shared vision to provide affordable, quality, compassionate services that have been custom-tailored to resident needs.


Types of Care offered at Trivida City View Retirement Community


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151 Meadowlands Drive West, Nepean, ON, Canada

Phone: 613-518-4627


Number of Units: 179

Primary Language:

Lowest Rate: 2650.00