A tech company based in Ottawa-Canada has created an interesting SaaS offering for walk-in clinics to help manage their appointments using QR code and HTML design.

Taleam Systems was founded in 2011 by Melad Ahmadzai with a mission to provide computer services in Ottawa at affordable prices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Taleam Systems developed a healthcare solution to help with managing walk-in medical appointments.

The problem:

According to the World Health Organization, The COVID-19 virus can be transmitted from person to person who are in close distance with each other that is sitting together, handshaking, eating together, etc. As such, the lockdown has tried to reduce these transmissions, but unfortunately, the Coronavirus situation has worsened across the world. This especially has impacted walk-in medical clinics which continues to provide care to patients.

The solution:

To better help sick patients who attend walk-in clinics for care, Taleam Systems has created a new integrative healthcare solution. Using QR Code and HTML design to present to the patient when their turn is on a smart phone. This would help not only curb transmissions but will also solve the current limited space in waiting area.

How the solution works?

According to Melad Ahmadzai, the CEO of Taleam Systems says, “We worked hard to create a new web-based solution for medical clinics to manage their patient walk-in appointments.” This solution will also help sick patients to benefit in terms of showing up for their appointment when their turn becomes to see a doctor. They do not have to wait at the clinic centre to be called, instead, they just show up when the phone displays their name in green.

To learn more about Taleam Systems visit the website at www.taleamsystems.com.