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Secret Price Codes Will Save you Money at Costco

Have you ever looked at all the numbers and codes on the big price signs hanging over an item at Costco and wondered what it all meant? Well, luckily, Len Rapoport at HubPages has created a handy little guide so that it is all clear. The example sign has 4 numbers in white circles on it: 1.The last 2 digits (cents portion) tells you a lot. .99 is regular price. .97 are clearance (might or might not be a big discount, but won’t be in stock much longer). .49, .79, .89 etc are deals from the vendor or manufacturer. 2.Asterisk in the upper right corner indicates items that won’t be restocked. 3.Instant & manufacturers rebates will be noted here. 4.The little date in the lower right corner (below the price) is the last time the price was changed. Read the full article here.

posted by admin on February 22, 2014

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