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Community Connect: Keeping older adults safe and independent -

It is estimated that 10 000 older adults are isolated and at-risk in Ottawa. Are you worried about an older adult you know? Most times, people who are isolated will not look for help on their own, and …

Ontario Government Site -

This it the main site to find Ontario Government departments and their info.

Canada Post -

Lookup postal codes and stamp prices etc at the Canada Post site.

The Canadian Seniors Policies and Programs Database -

The SPPD is a database of government policies and programs for which seniors are the primary beneficiaries. It was developed and is maintained by federal, provincial and territorial governments.

Health Canada’s Aging and Seniors -

Information pages for Seniors provided by Health Canada

Federal Superannuates National Association -

Looking after the interests of pensioners from the Federal Public Service (including Government agencies/Crown corporation), Canadian Forces and the RCMP

Canadian Government Departments -

Find a list with links to all of the Federal Government departments listed alphabetically.

Flu Clincs -
Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal -

4th Floor

Ontario Drug Benefits -
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