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Armchair Travel with Diana Goldin

180 Kent St, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Would you like to add a bit of adventure to the list of seniors’ activities?

Travel photographer Diana Goldin brings the beauty of remote destinations and gems of nature right to your door.

Her educational and entertaining slide show presentations feature the National Geographic locations and photography.

Explore with Diana the red-striped plains of Utah, camp in an African desert, descend into the magma chamber of an ancient Icelandic volcano, catch the pink glow on the Andean spires,  walk in the waist-deep water in a narrow canyon, stand on the edge of an active volcano crater filled with bubbling lava or fly over the jagged Hawaiian cliffs and plummeting waterfalls – just to name a few of her adventures that are presented through high-definition photography.

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Date Created March 9, 2018 Last Updated November 7, 2018

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