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Your passions are those things that give your life joy and meaning.  What if you’re not sure what your top passions are?

I can help!

I can take you through The Passion Test, a simple, structured, fun way to get more clear on how to start living a more passionate life today.

Why Work With Me?  Since becoming a Certified Passion Test Facilitator several years ago, I have taken over 60 people through the Test, either in small workshops or one-on-one sessions.  I find it to be both fun and meaningful.

How It Works:  The one-on-one coaching takes place in two sessions, each roughly two hours long.  These can be done over Zoom or if you’re in Austin Texas (or if I’m visiting Ottawa), in person.  In the first session, I provide some important background information and take you through The Passion Test itself.  In the second, you will receive several tools to help when life gets in the way of achieving the passions you have identified, and to help keep you focused on those passions.  Then you’re done!

Date Created – April 20, 2021, Last Updated April 20, 2021 
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