Canadian School Of Dance

Canadian School Of Dance

35 Larkin Drive, Nepean, Ottawa, Ontario K2J 2T2, Canada 
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At the Canadian School of Dance in Ottawa, our qualified instructors offer complete dance classes in Ottawa and lessons, including instruction on good posture, body alignment and proper exercise techniques. We specialize in ballroom dance lessons, as well as social dance techniques. Call the Canadian School of Dance today for more information.


Programs Offered             Ages

First Steps Program           3-5 years olds

Recreational Program           5-18 years old

Full-Time Competitive Program 5-18 years old

Part-Time Competitive Program 7-18 years old

Private Lessons                       All ages


More Information Give us a call (613-825-0907)

Full Address:- 35 Larkin Drive,  Ottawa,  Ontario K2J 2T2, Canada

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