Caricatures as Entertainment – entertainment for residences

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Have Laura Lynn draw 5 minute caricatures of your residents with their favorite hobbies on 11 by 14 paper that they can keep to display or give to relatives. Hired by the hour. Laura Lynn has drawn caricatures for forty years in Toronto and Ottawa. Has a chat with each person while drawing. LOTS OF LAUGHTER AND FUN! 613-315-3978 

Make your guests laugh by adding CARICATURES to your next company party, anniversary, or birthday! This is an ice-breaker for parties – Art and Entertainment at the same time! Laura Lynn Eggleston, with 33 years of experience in Toronto and Ottawa, always has a long line-up, as everyone wants to take home a souvenir. These 5-min. drawings, done in black marker, are booked by the hour. Other caricaturists can be provided. See yourself as a hula-dancer, body-builder, party animal, doing your favourite sport or hobby, or risk a surprise theme.

Date Created – October 15, 2022, Last Updated March 16, 2023 
Posted by: Laura Lynn Eggleston

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