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Computer crashes are a common occurrence, and data loss is often a result. If your computer has crashed and you have lost data, don’t panic! There are several types of data recovery that can help you get your data back. You can even take it to your nearest Data Recovery Ottawa specialist.

There are two main types of data recovery: logical data recovery and physical data recovery.

Logical data recovery is the process of recovering data from a storage device that is still functioning. This type of data recovery can be performed by a computer user with no special training or software.

Physical data recovery, on the other hand, requires specialized equipment and training. This type of data recovery is necessary when the storage device has been damaged physically, such as by fire or water.

No matter what type of data recovery you need, TickTockTech – Computer Repair Ottawa are here to help in and around V6E, V6T, V5Y! Give them a call today and let them help you get your data back.


Date Created – March 29, 2022, Last Updated March 29, 2022 
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