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Ottawa, ON, Canada 
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Kirsten’s Foot Care offers nursing foot care in the comfort of your own home. Mobile foot care nurses (RN/RPNs) with Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Certificates.

Kirsten’s Foot Care is an independent and locally owned nursing foot care practice. At Kirsten’s Foot Care we focus on foot health prevention and education, while exceeding best practice standard in all areas of care.

We offer:

  • Advanced Nursing Foot Care
    • Nail trimming and filing
    • Callus and corn treatment
    • Treatment of cracked heels and dry skin
    • Reduction of thick, fungal nails
    • Ingrown nail treatment
    • Bunion/Hammertoe Care
    • Lower leg and foot assessment
    • Monofilament testing
  • Foot Pain – using FOX ARC Podiatry Laser
  • Fungal Nail Treatment – using FOX ARC Podiatry Laser
  • Wart Treatment – using FOX ARC Podiatry Laser
  • Nail reconstruction

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