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Amica Westboro Park, 491 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON, Canada 
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In this dynamic time of physical (social) distancing and self-isolating it can be hard to feel connected with your community. We are running three online programs through the application “BlueJeans”. It is free to use; you simply need an internet connection. This program takes place twice a week, every week!

If you want to join our program weekly just give Erin or Grace a call at 613-728-9274 or follow this link: 

Get your daily workout in with Erin & Grace! We will do a stretching warm up, some chair
exercise with a focus on strength, balance, mobility & cardio and then a cool down.
Estimated 30 minutes. Weights optional

Date Created – May 17, 2021, Last Updated May 17, 2021 
Posted by: Grace Turner

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