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Looking to bring the arts back into your life? Miss concerts, theatres, and poetry readings? Get HIP! Book a Healing Interactive Performance with a professional, musician, poet, actor or storyteller. Enjoy a virtual performance from the comfort of your home or residence.

Participants can choose from a wide selection of musical genres and literature, from jazz to classical cello, to Metis fiddle, to percussion instruments. You can sit back and listen to dramatic readings, French folk-tales, or popular songs. You can also engage in conversation with the artist or share your own stories, songs or writing. All of Radical Connections’ artists have a background working in the community with people in the community and a strong history of performance. 

Virtual concerts for $20 (Yearly subscription $150)

One-on-one Virtual Performances from $40

One-on-one Interactive Workshops $150

The arts heal, reawaken memories, inspire creativity and joy, and remind us what it is to be alive!

Find out more at: radicalconnections.ca/hip

Date Created – January 5, 2023, Last Updated March 16, 2023 
Posted by: Jenny McMaster

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