Healthcare Consultant

Ottawa, ON, Canada 
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Our team of experienced healthcare professionals have witnessed the widening gaps in our current healthcare system and are dedicated to providing support, guidance and education to individuals and families who may have unanswered questions regarding a recent diagnosis, procedure, or treatment options.

Patients and families usually contact us when:
Primary diagnosis, may feel scared, confused, overwhelmed and perhaps alone
Chronic illness that makes them feel like they are going around in circles
Working full time unable to leave work to take a loved one to appointments both local and out of country.

  • We affect change by:
    Early Diagnosis
    Improve access to care
    Improve treatment outcome
  • Expedite medical test and services
    Decrease medical error
    Increase patient engagement and
    Improve communication through the
    development of a patient centered approach;
    ensuring all members of the treatment team are
    aware of the ‘care action plan’ created by your
    nurse consultant.

Date Created – October 8, 2017, Last Updated October 8, 2017 
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