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Hospice Care Ottawa – Become a Volunteer and join our team!

114 Cameron Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada
613-424-6560 x 221
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Contact: Paulette Hammell, Volunteer Coordinator
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Hospice Care Ottawa is a community-based charitable organization.  We offer palliative and end-of-life programs and services to people living in the City of Ottawa.  All services are offered at no charge to clients and their families.  We provide Community Hospice Care programs such as in-home visits and day hospice, Residential Hospice Care, Bereavement Care and Caregiver Support.  Our services meet the highest care standards in a setting that reflects as closely as possible a comfortable home environment.

Become a Volunteer to learn new skills, help a cause that lights you up, meet new people, connect to your community and expand your horizons! 

Hospice Care Ottawa is able to provide its services thanks to our many dedicated volunteers.  Volunteers are involved in all aspects of care, fundraising and administration.  Volunteers who provide services directly to hospice clients receive 30 hours of specialized training.

Information sessions will be offered in French in Orleans in August and at May Court Hospice in the fall of 2018.  Our specialized palliative training will be offered in French and English in the fall. We are in need of francophone/bilingual volunteers.

Should you wish to attend an information session to learn more about volunteering and Hospice Care Ottawa please contact Paulette Hammell @ or 613-424-6560 x 221.


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Date Created July 27, 2018 Last Updated July 27, 2018

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