Nursing Foot Care: “Integrity Footcare”

Nursing Foot Care: “Integrity Footcare”

Orléans, Ottawa, ON, Canada 
(613) 240-8376 
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Promoting healthy feet!

Serving Ottawa East and Orleans.

Providing foot care in the comfort of your home or residential facility.

Do you suffer from thickened nails, fungal nails, corns or callouses?

Are you a senior with dexterity or vision issues and no longer can cut your toenails safely?

Do you have diabetes and experiencing foot problems?

Do you need nursing foot care?

*Services provided by a registered nurse certified in foot care

*Sterilized instruments

*Services offered in English, French, Portuguese and some Spanish

*Receipts issued for insurance/income tax purposes  (registered Veteran Affairs  Canada provider)

Integrity Footcare is here to support you!


Ines Lopes BScN, RN

(613) 240-8376

Date Created – September 4, 2017, Last Updated September 4, 2017 
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