OPL Tech Help for Seniors

OPL Tech Help for Seniors

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The pandemic has changed so much.

I learned this morning that the OTTAWA PUBLIC LIBRARY (OPL) is offering a Tech Café – It is free, but does require pre-registration. See below.

Plus, one-on-one help is also provided.

Tech Café and help for seniors

Ottawa Public Library has recently begun their popular “Tech Café” series with a focus on promoting digital literacy skills and developing a comfort level with using technology. To find out more, as well as the list of all the upcoming workshops starting next week and into June can be found here.

  • These workshops are all free but do require pre-registration online.
  • Ottawa Public Library is also offering one-on-one services for those requiring personalized help with computers and digital literacy. Information about these services can be found here. Please note to do so, the user will need to log onto their library account. For assistance or additional questions, you can also contact Ottawa Public Library.
  • In addition to the “Aging Well Together” suite of programming, OPL also offers numerous other programs on gardening, wellness, author talks, and genealogy, and more. The complete list can here found here, and you can filter your search on the left-hand side, depending on your interest. Again, these programs are all free, but do require registration.
  • To stay current on OPL’s program offerings, you can either follow them on their various social media accounts(@opl_bpo) or follow one of the numerous staff blogs that feature content that may be of interest (again filtering options are available).

Date Created – April 20, 2021, Last Updated April 20, 2021 
Posted by: Nadeau2019