Ottawa Memory Clinic

1600 Carling Avenue, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1Z 1G3, 
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Our main goal at the Ottawa Memory Clinic, is to be a community resource providing memory assessments, and the opportunity to participate in various Alzheimer Disease (AD) research studies. In Canada alone, AD affects the lives of 1.1 million people; those suffering with the disease and loved ones tasked with caring for them. This number is on the rise and simply put, AD is a problem too great to ignore. We are a team of healthcare professionals, dedicated to the highest standard of patient care, and clinical research.  We are hopeful that our work can contribute to important research and help discover new treatments to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s Disease. We can’t stop AD alone. We need your help so that future generations won’t have to worry or carry the burden of AD.

Date Created – March 11, 2020, Last Updated March 16, 2023 
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